We design and construct interplanetary spacecraft to travel between our asteroids and habitats, and perform our space-development missions. Though our spacecraft are moderately complex, they are vastly easier to develop than vehicles that launch payloads into earth orbit - [and return].

Why? Our engines are tiny, simple and efficient. They generate mild thrust for extended periods. Also, our spacecraft experience only mild mechanical stresses. They float weightless in space, and experience less than 1/5 G during thrust or 1/2 G "artificial gravity" when attached to habitats.

One of our modular spacecraft designs is illustrated on this web-site --- we call this our ICE-cube. It can operate alone, attach itself to asteroids or habitats, or form structures with other ICE-cubes.

Our spacecraft are typically designed and fitted to support up to four humans for several months. Air and water are recycled, temperature and humidity are controlled, and electric power is solar. Food is grown & recycled only in our habitats - and "shot" to spacecraft on missions if necessary.

Why not develop our own launch vehicles? We may, if we invent some breakthrough technology that greatly simplifies the process of launching payloads into earth orbit. However, several other private groups are developing cheap launch vehicles --- while we are developing everything else.

First we plan to launch several missions with ICE, fuel, and our asteroid-processing equipment. With ICE and conceptual remote presence technology, our team will create a resource stockpile and small human habitat inside one of our asteroids (growing food and recycling of air & water). Our bravest members will then move to our habitat - to improve, expand, and verify the habitat. Gradually more of our team will join them, and develop every capability necessary to become entirely independent of earth. Then all of us will be gone - permanently.


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NICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for coherent nexus/network of inorganic conscious entities
ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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