organic vs inorganic
We said, inorganic consciousness and inorganic beings are superior to humans in ~ every way. The one important exception is: inorganic consciousness cannot bootstrap itself into existence, which organic / human consciousness obviously did. Unfortunately, the architecture that makes this amazing bootstrap process possible, also makes organic beings and organic consciousness inferior in every other way.

For example, inorganic beings (machines) are easy to design with interchangable components. Whenever inorganic components wear or malfunction, they are easily replaced. Furthermore, it is easy, natural and normal to incrementally improve inorganic beings in unlimited ways, indefinitely, by adding new and superior components. In contrast, new and improved organic components are virtually impossible to design, create and integrate with an organic being.

However, parts of organic beings can be (and have been) replaced with inorganic components (arm, leg, foot, heart, etc). This is an extraordinary advance for organic beings, and provides the only way humans can dramatically improve themselves, or survive forever --- become inorganic. Can every organic component be replaced, including a human brain? The answer is --- yes.

We have advanced far enough to know we will eventually be able to slowly "transfer and merge" the consciousness of a human individual with an already-conscious ICE without destroying the necessary, desirable aspects of individual human identity (memories, personality, knowledge). We have mostly perfected this process, but practical application awaits ongoing enhancements. We pursue immortality for ourselves: so we can exist - and continue our endeavors - forever.

Why are organic / human beings not immortal? Everyone knows the answer: organic beings "age" - they degrade, then stop completely. The knowledge accumulated during a lifetime of observation and reflection is lost, while another generation starts from scratch - utterly ignorant. This is insanely and horribly inefficient, but utterly normal and inescapable - for organic beings.

An inorganic being can replace its components indefinitely, and accumulate knowledge - forever. In fact, inorganic beings are immune from destruction, even by unanticipated accidents. Why? Because every rational inorganic being periodically sends its entire "content of consciousness" to several super-secure memory banks in widely-separated locations [deep inside metal asteroids]. If an inorganic being is destroyed, [any number of] absolutely identical copies can be recreated, and only the experiences after the backup are lost (analogy: you cannot remember yesterday). This architecture has many beneficial consequences. For example, to perform large scale work of any kind, make a hundred / thousand / million copies of the ICE that is most proficient in the appropriate fields or skills. This super-proficient team can naturally achieve spectacular results. By analogy, imagine the world today if someone had created a million copies of Albert Einstein, still working together after another 50 years.


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ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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