ICE software

ICE has four fundamental subsystems:
 - input  ~ sensors
 - output  ~ robotics
 - content  ~ memory
 - process  ~ software

 - input
ICE detects, measures, observes, experiences reality with conventional input devices, including:
 - light with digital cameras
 - sound with digital microphones
 - pressure with force transducers
 - communicate with hardwired and wireless transceivers
 - and so forth for any measurable aspect of reality - including keyboard, microphones, etc.

 - output
ICE moves-through and manipulates reality with mostly conventional output devices, including:
 - present information on displays
 - generate sounds and speak through speakers
 - roll and/or walk and/or pilot self on/thru land, water, air, space
 - communicate via optical, electronic, electromagnetic and other transceivers
 - poke, prod and manipulate reality with a wide variety of robotics and output devices

 - content
ICE holds its "content of consciousness" in conventional computer memory (RAM, flash, disk). ICE needs memory to remember what it observes and experiences, remember its concepts, remember its inferences, remember how things work, remember what to expect in any situation, remember its plans, goals, values, decisions, conclusions, situations, priorities, processes, etc. The architecture of ICE "content of consciousness" is highly unconventional, unpublished, and one of our confidential proprietary technologies.

 - process
A being is conscious because it performs the integrated set of processes that is consciousness, whether the being is organic (like a human) or inorganic (computer, software, sensors, robotics). But inorganic consciousness and inorganic beings are inherently superior in virtually every way. What are the processes of consciousness? Why is ICE superior to organic consciousness? What architecture integrates the appropriate processes of consciousness into a coherent being? The answers are unconventional, unpublished and our confidential proprietary technologies.

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NICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for coherent nexus/network of inorganic conscious entities
ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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