All components of an organic being are physically connected, and form a single physical entity. The components of inorganic beings can be physically distributed and dynamically reconfigured.

To illustrate, imagine one ICE [consciousness] mining and processing an asteroid from within. Conventional high-speed hardwire and wireless communications connect an ICE consciousness to dozens of input sensors and output robotics --- inside its tunnels, on the outside surface, and floating nearby in space. ICE observes the asteroid and environment through the input-sensors, controls equipment with the output-robotics, and usually communicates with other ICE (and us).

swarm architecture
ICE typically functions as a coherent nexus in a swarm of input, output and intellectual resources.

In general, every ICE is aware of every other ICE resource in the universe and its capabilities, including every ICE-compatible input-sensor and output-device, and every ICE consciousness. Given its goals and activities, ICE dynamically chooses which input-sensors to observe-through, which output-devices to control, and which ICE (or human) consciousnesses to collaborate with.

conceptual remote presence
Our first few missions to inhabit and develop space will probably be manned exclusively by ICE. Though ICE are autonomous beings, they also provide ways for our team to explore and work from earth (or anywhere), through our revolutionary "conceptual remote presence" technology.

Every conventional telepresence technology is utterly useless for space-development, because the speed-of-light limit imposes a delay of several minutes on every round-trip communication. Fortunately, we developed a revolutionary conceptual remote presence technology that lets our team explore and operate equipment at full speed in remote environments - efficiently, precisely, and without apparent communication delays. Impossible? Not for us.


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NICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for coherent nexus/network of inorganic conscious entities
ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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