Our philosophy is natural philosophy. Our philosophy identifies the fundamental nature of reality, plus some direct consequences. We briefly describe our philosophy on the following pages:
  -  metaphysics
  -  consciousness
  -  natural ethics / justice

Our philosophy is rational, consistent, straightforward, and supported exclusively by observation. We reject all dogma, and every arbitrary, incoherent, inconsistent, or unsupported statement.

Essentially, our philosophy is [understanding] the fundamental nature of reality & consciousness. This [knowledge] is the natural source of truly fundamental advances, like ICE, immortality, etc.

Our philosophy contains absolutely no arbitrary, historical, supernatural or authoritarian content. We discovered all philosophy (including ethics) is inherent in the fundamental nature of reality. Therefore, valid philosophy contains no arbitrary ideas, is not based upon historical convention, contains no mystical or supernatural elements, and does not recognize any authority.

To describe metaphysics or consciousness in detail would reveal our proprietary technologies, so these pages contain only fundamentals. The natural ethics page contains a concise but comprehensive explanation of natural ethics and justice. Even natural ethics is a consequence of the nature of reality, and contains no arbitrary, historical, supernatural or authoritarian elements.

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NICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for coherent nexus/network of inorganic conscious entities
ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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