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What is the connection between ICE and space-development? Why do many of our projects and missions involve space-development?     Because every project is part of our long term vision.

Any planet with substantial gravity is a horrible place for our advanced technological endeavor. To launch even tiny payloads into interplanetary space requires enormous, complex, expensive, possibly dangerous rockets that waste virtually all their energy. To build any large structure on earth requires massive quantities of expensive structural material to withstand one earth gravity. We will process and develop mostly asteroids and [former] comets. About 20 years ago, one of our team discovered two tiny wandering "black snowball" asteroids with super-low delta-velocity relative to earth. These objects will be our first homes and construction material in space.

Furthermore, the actions of any advanced technological endeavor must be guided exclusively by the nature of reality (including natural justice), not arbitrary demands made by "powers-that-be". Thus, earth is no longer an appropriate environment for an advanced technological endeavor. Therefore, we go where we are free to take actions and bear the consequences of our actions.

The actions we choose will cause beneficial results, because we purposely take actions that cause the effects that benefit us. For an earth analogy, consider a farmer whose actions are: plow a field, plant seeds, direct water into the field, and collect the vegetables and fruit that grow. The farmer took those actions because he wanted to bear the consequences of those actions, specifically "eat and/or trade the food" he caused to exist. The farmer actions are cause, the plants that grow are effect, and justice exists when the farmer bears the [positive and negative] consequences of his actions - eating the food he produced and/or trading the food he produced for things produced by others. This is natural ethics and justice, and is the opposite of arbitrary.

This is the fundamental nature of reality (and fundamental principle of science) commonly called "cause and effect" - applied to human choice and actions. In modern times, humans and ICE cannot experience justice on earth, because "powers-that-be" interfere with natural processes of cause and effect in order to steal and control what is produced by the actions of others. In space, we will produce everything we need - or perish.

When we leave earth, we leave for our permanent home in space --- one-way trips, no returns. Our first few missions to inhabit and develop space will probably be manned exclusively by ICE. Though ICE are autonomous beings, they also provide ways for our team to explore and work from earth (or anywhere), through our revolutionary "conceptual remote presence" technology.

We do not re-invent wheels. We adopt the best technologies whenever they are adequate, and develop our own proprietary technologies & capabilities as necessary (and rarely subcontract). We have no employees, only principals who share our principles, vision and goals.


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ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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