We will create our primary habitats (homes, farms, base of operations) from selected asteroids.

Eventually, our habitats will be modern, comfortable, self-sufficient, hyper-technological marvels. But we cannot achieve such impressive results with simple, direct, or conventional approaches. First we send several small, super-efficient "micro-missions" to established basic infrastructure (communications, solar-power station, limited collection and processing of asteroid-resources).

Then we send a series of bootstraping micro-missions that gradually establish an environment to support one human in super-minimalist style. Then we send one rugged, hard-working human to the asteroid, to help ICE improve and expand the habitat and our resource-processing facilities. The bootstrap process will continue as more of our human team permanently move into space.

For several years, life at our habitat and facilities will be much work in a barebones environment. But floating weightless in the spectacular star-filled darkness of deep-space is awesome reward, and our quality of life will improve indefinitely, and soon surpass any possible existence on earth.

Our habitat development plans are extraordinary exercises in minimalist bootstrap technology. The micro-missions construct our habitat and facilities almost exclusively from asteroid resources. Even our first crude one-human habitat will contain less than one part-per-million launched mass. We plan to be 100% self-sufficient less than 20 years after our first minimalist habitat is complete.

Our habitats will contain few organisms - perhaps 100 species for food, plus our human team. Contrary to popular opinion, extremely limited ecosystems are viable, practical, even desirable in an advanced technological environment like ours.

The design and development of our micro-missions and habitats is active work-in-progress.


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ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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