Do not contact us, except as specified below. We do not reply otherwise.

We are not a business venture. Therefore, we do not seek or solicit conventional investment.

We do not re-invent wheels. We adopt the best technologies whenever they are adequate, and develop our own proprietary technologies & capabilities as necessary (and rarely subcontract). The details of our projects and missions are highly confidential, and known only by our members. Therefore, we do not seek or hire employees.

If you want to bring a truly brilliant idea or breakthrough technology to our attention, you may send a concise and carefully prepared email to . We thank you in advance. We will reply if we believe your idea or technology is novel, important - and we plan to adopt it. Usually we cannot reply, though we do read and consider every carefully prepared message (yes, many valuable ideas and technologies are widely ignored - we do agree and sympathize). Do not send confidential information to us without permission from us.

organization - membership
We are not a conventional organization. We seek only active, working or contributing members.

Only extraordinary individuals who completely share our core goals, attitudes and philosophy without reservation are considered for membership. Please, before you ask about membership, carefully consider the following section.

The purpose of this web-site is to describe our endeavor in a general way, so serious individuals who share our goals, attitude and philosophy can work with us to achieve the future we describe. We do not promote inorganic-consciousness, space-development, or anything described herein. We work to achieve our goals, so we can experience the results. We do not work to become rich. Sometimes we may sell spin-off technologies that do not reveal our confidential developments, but only to support our endeavor. We clearly understand, our reward is --- the future we create. Our reward is ICE, extended life or immortality, and our hyper-technological endeavors in space. We do not seek fame, fortune or socio-political power.

What are we like? We have a native ability to quickly and clearly recognize efficient and practical approaches no matter how unconventional they may be. We have a native ability to quickly and clearly recognize inefficient and impractical approaches no matter how widely accepted they are.

Why and how the missions and projects mentioned in this website work together is obvious to us. We understand why our endeavor must be non-commercial and our most fundamental and exceptional technologies must remain confidential and proprietary. We want the future described in this website, and we spend most of our time, effort and resources working to create that future. We completely support our goals and approach without reservation. Each of us contributes time, effort, skills, knowledge, technology and/or financial resources to further our endeavors.

We are utterly ethical and responsible. We consider it obvious that living the future we describe in this website is worth any effort. We do not promote our interests - and frankly, prefer to be alone. We walk the walk, and rarely talk. We are doers. Talk is cheap.


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NICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for coherent nexus/network of inorganic conscious entities
ICE is our proprietary acronym and trademark for inorganic conscious entity

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